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4 comments to “Wind Industry Accused of Blowing Off Worker Safety Rule”

  1. Wind Tech

    Talk about creating a market for your product!

  2. Kevin Weidig

    To Kevin at AWEA. I am a officer in a local fire and rescue department and they are planning to build two extremely large wind turbines in my district later this year. I have been told the owners are required to provide rescue training under a fed regulation. I have not been able to find anything. Can you tell me if this is true or where I can find out? Thanks for your assistance.

  3. Nick Nichols

    Thank you AWEA for acknowledging our efforts to address a valid nationwide SAFETY issue.

    It is noteworthy that the ONLY people to help address this safety situation AFTER recognizing a Federal Safety Violation exists, & the ONLY people to offer any kind of a “USEFUL SOLUTION”, are guys who ACTUALLY CLIMB these towers. NIOSH has recognized Pinnacle Wind USA to have a “Useful Solution” that is representative of Prevention thru Design (NIOSH’s PtD program to help design out hazards in the workplace).
    It is also noteworthy that Federal OSHA Regulations state “any Potential Hazards”……not proven hazards.
    Also of importance is the fact that un-protected flanges can adversely affect an assisted rescue effort inside the wind tower.
    Anyone who actually CLIMBS wind towers would appreciate a Solution.

    LOTS of Hypocrisy in the industry when it comes to SAFETY. Only problem is the hypocrites aren’t the ones being exposed to & or dealing with these potential hazards!

    This issue needed to be addressed sooner or later. Federal OSHA Regulations exist for a reason.

  4. Kevin @ AWEA

    AWEA is cooperating with OSHA to develop a solution to this issue.

    Worker safety is our highest priority. Wind energy workers are trained extensively for climbing and rescue scenarios and are not even permitted to climb a wind turbine unless they have passed the climb training test and are equipped with the proper safety equipment, harness, hard hat, etc.

    It is noteworthy that the only company that has requested that OSHA require deflector plates on these flanges is a company that has developed and is marketing these flanges.

    AWEA and the wind industry wants to work cooperatively with OSHA to ensure that the industry’s workers are safe from any hazard while also complying with all of OSHA’s and international regulations. These efforts will continue.

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