One comment to “Record Spike in Worldwide Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Analysis Finds”

  1. mememine69

    Climate Change Soup of the Day:

    Scientist: What can I get you sir?
    Voter: What’s the soup of the day?
    Scientist: Global warming is our soup of the day kind sir.
    Voter: Good, I’ll have the soup, but this time can you heat it up a little please? It was stone cold last time.
    Scientist: Very well. I still get paid, cold or “unstoppably” warm.
    Voter: Will you be having this same soup of the day next week? I just love it.
    Scientist: Next week? We don’t know what’s happening next week or this coming weekend but we DO know what is happening 50 years from now.
    Voter: How many climate scientists does it take to change a light bulb?
    Scientist: I don’t know sir, why don’t you just go ahead and tell me.
    Voter: None.
    Scientist: None?
    Voter: Ya none. BUT they DO have consensus that it will change?
    Scientist: Ha ha sir. Do you know why the climate change believer crossed the road?
    Voter: No, why?
    Scientist: Because he left his purse on the other side.
    Voter: Unscramble these letters; “K2TYto
    Scientist: B#%$ me?
    Voter: Close. No its Y2Kyto.
    Scientists: What’s that?
    Voter: We thought you would know.
    Voter: Do you know what the new definition of a climate change denier is?
    Scientist: Anyone who isn’t conformist, obedient and believes in “Who” is saying what, not “what” is being said?
    Voter: No but close. The new denier is anyone who still thinks voters will vote yes to taxing the air and to authorize bank funded and corporate run carbon trading markets ruled by politicians being left in charge of managing the temperature of the planet Earth.
    Scientist: Whatever! Oh look, here is your soup sir.
    Voter: There is a fly in my soup.
    Scientist; Strange, considering you eat up anything else we dish out at you mindless believers.
    Voter: Whatever. Just bring me my roast.
    Scientist: No problem, here is your main course sir.
    Voter: The roast is really hot but the parsnips are cold.
    Scientist: And thus, clear evidence sir that it IS actually warming.
    Voter: Complete this sentence; “CO2 Climate Crisis Science has done to science, liberalism and journalism what suicide bombers and nasty priests did for………….?
    Scientist: Religion?
    Voter: Correct! Good job girl!
    Scientist: Yer too kind, jerk!
    Voter: What’s the difference between a scientist and a lab coat consultant?
    Scientist: Oh DO tell me!
    Voter: Scientist is easier to say.
    Scientist: At least it’s better than being an unconscionable lazy copy and paste news editor!
    Voter and Scientist: Hahahahahahahahahahha!
    Scientist: Security! SECURITY!!!!!

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