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4 comments to “Peril in the West”

  1. Sean

    @Terry. Southern Oregon is a large region of Serpentine, known to harbor vast quantities of short fiber asbestos. You also can find liquid mercury if you search hard enough. Face it, Mother Earth hates us.

  2. Terry Trent

    I wish the author would have mentioned that Tremolite and Crocidolite are as far away in mesotheliomagenic potential from “asbestos” (Chrysotile 90% of all asbestos) as Erionite is away from Tremolite and Crocidolite. Arthur Frank is co presenting in Libby this week along with Aubrey Miller. Arthur Frank has been the one of the largest proponents of “all fibers are equal” lately morphed into “all fibers cause disease”. The very philosophy that has lead to all the deaths in Libby and the main philosophy that made EPA ignore Erionite!

    By the way…..It was Dr. Christopher Wagner who first tested Rome Oregon erionite in 1970. Said it was the most carcinogenic material he had ever tested. One of his coworkers died from mesothelioma…….not one single word about this man and his teams sacrifices in trying to bring this information to science and the public! Shame.

  3. LuMarion Conklin

    Incomplete article. What states and what sites?

  4. Diana Lehua

    I just discovered fairwarning.org and want to be sure that people can post comments to articles AND that the post will show up below the article. I generally trust only news that allows comments from the people.

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