3 comments to “Safety Advocates Protest Stalled Talks Over Deadly Window Blind Hazard”

  1. Brendan Lupetin


    Is it not possible to appeal to the CPSC to get them to issue regulations requiring the modifications your group is seeking? It is my understanding that the CPSC has the authority to regulate the manufacture of these window blinds. What is their position on taking a more aggressive stance with this industry?

    Great post by FairWarning btw. I was not aware of this battle. As a parent, I was alarmed at the danger posed.



  2. summer

    Window coverings is not asked to be artistic , but safty is the most important for family has babies.

  3. Carol Pollack-Nelson

    In the last 14 months ago, since CPSC Chairman Inez Tenenbaum, along with Health Canada and DG Sanco, urged WCMA to revise the window covering standard to eliminate the strangulation risk, the ANSI voluntary standard committee has failed to make necessary revisions to their standard.

    Recognizing that concerns and recommendations made by myself and other consumer representatives were being ignored, we made the difficult decision to disengage from this process. I, for one, do not want to remain on a committee merely as a figurehead. Nor do I want to contribute to the impression that I condone the latest version of a standard which does nothing to address the primary objective of the revision – the elimination of strangulation hazards on window coverings.

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