One comment to “Chemical Cures for Head Lice May Be Worse Than the Affliction”

  1. Pamela

    I wanted to comment in regards to what the VP of Wockhardt said “Jerry Jabbour, vice president of Wockhardt USA, which makes lindane, conceded that the product is a powerful pesticide, but said most of the concerns are linked to agricultural uses and occur because lindane does not break down naturally in the environment.”

    Ok Jerry so it’s ok to pour a powerful pesticide on childrens heads (whose scalps are very porous and lindane is absorbed into the blood and brain) and then lindane is rinsed down the drain to go into our water supply ? Oh and by the way why do you think the EPA banned lindane for agricultural uses, because they stated lindane is one of the most toxic pesticides.

    It’s time for the United States to ratify the Stockholm Convention and ban lindane completely.

    Is a pharmaceutical companies profits more important than our childrens health?

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