Some tips for escaping from a sinking vehicle recommended by Prof. Gordon Giesbrecht and other experts:

1. Brace yourself for impact as soon as you know you’re going into the water. Do this by placing both hands on the steering wheel to prepare for possibility the airbag will inflate.

2. Unbuckle your seatbelt. You will improve your chances of escaping by being able to move around the vehicle.

3. Unbuckle the children, starting with the oldest, who can help with the others.

4. Open a window, either electronically (if you have power windows) or manually (if you don’t).

5. If you can’t open the window, break it. If you don’t have a glass-smashing tool or heavy object handy, use your feet.

6. Swim out through the window as soon as you have broken it.

7. If you are unable to open a window or break it, let the car begin filling with water. When the water pressure inside the car is equal to the pressure outside the car, you should be able to open a door.

8. Stay calm. Repeat Giesbrecht’s S-C-W-0 mantra (Seat belt-Children-Window-Out).