One comment to “Botched Probe Into Gun Smuggling Leads to Justice Dept. Shakeup”

  1. Bob Owens

    “Botched?” In what way was Operation Fast and Furious botched?

    It was designed from the outset to provide federal law enforcement security to straw purchasers of firearms, assuring that neither the purchasers nor the smugglers stood any chance of being arrested by federal, state, or local authorities. There was never a mechanism to arrest the alleged targets of the operation, which were in Mexico and out of our jurisdiction.

    Fast and Furious was only “botched” in that the scheme to arm the Sinaloa cartel by our DOJ, DHS, and White House was eventually ratted out by one of the participants when the plot led to the death of a fellow federal agent.

    Fast and Furious did precisely what Obama wanted it to, which was to put American guns in the hands of Mexican criminals in order to justify more gun control in the United States.

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