One comment to “As Kids Keep Dying in Car Trunks, GM Fix is Elusive”

  1. Janette Fennell commends FairWarning for this excellent article about the importance of an internal trunk release in all vehicles to save the lives of innocent children. It’s very important to understand that to our knowledge there has not been one death in the trunk of a car that has this inexpensive trunk release. Not one.

    This fact shows why we are so passionate about demanding General Motors (GM) recall 2000 and 2001 vehicles that still do not have the life saving glow-in-the-dark trunk release. GM should install an internal trunk release in their 2000 and 2001vehicles without a release at no-charge to the customer.

    Prior to the regulation that required all cars trunks to have an internal trunk release as standard equipment, GM spent years telling the public how they would be going above and beyond anything that might be required to ensure that no more children would perish in the trunks of GM vehicles. GM announced that they would be installing the TrapAlert system which would open the trunk release system automatically; a system that would sound the car’s horn in a distinctive pattern of small chirps after detection of a child; and a modified trunk latch that would make it difficult for trunk lids to be closed by children.

    GM received massive amounts of positive media coverage because they said they wanted to “do the right thing.” Their promises to save children’s lives by installing these measures never materialized and children continue to die in model year 2000 GM vehicles. Their lack of action and lack of unfulfilled promises is tragic. It’s not so much about the year of the vehicles, but an ethics issue.

    GM’s most recent communications after two more trunk deaths were, “Our thoughts and prayers are with the Indiana boys’ family and we are deeply saddened by their loss.”

    GM needs to stop talking and recall it 2000 and 2001 vehicles to install a trunk release.

    Children’s lives are depending on it!

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