2 comments to “California Showcase for Safe Workplaces Includes Employers with Spotty Records”

  1. Tim

    This is a really interesting post. I really liked how the importance of workplace safety was stressed throughout the article. There’s actually a great webinar online that discusses emergency prep in depth. It is really useful for businesses to ensure the safety of their workers and protect against citations.

  2. Steven M Burrows

    I believe the VPP list just gives those companies “breathing room” to avoid OSHA inspection routinely. It is a sad day for workers in America when corporate industry degrades workplace safety in the name of profit and greed. Federal and CAL/OSHA officials should be ashamed of their complacency and lack of oversight. Apparently, the safety institutions responsible for ensuring a safe workplace are allowing worker deaths by lax oversight and being the “bed-partners” of industrial and corporate criminals.

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