7 comments to “Chinese Children Denied Care Despite Massive Lead Poisoning, Report Says”

  1. EPA Approved Lead Test Kits

    Lead test kits are useful products to take home. For the sake of our children’s health and wellness, we need to check if the surfaces in contact with at home are free of contaminants of lead.

  2. freda cobb

    Just like our story with the Computer recycling inside the Federal Prisons Since 1994 we were told by our own USA Goverment Agency that it was safe to recycle computers inside the Federal prison. that they would protect the inmates and workers (staff) lies, cover up. No inspections, no EPA, or OSHA, or air testing until 2010 and they were informed way back in the late 90’s. much sickness and some death. they did not test but a few toxins. Millions of dollars made off the backs of inmates and toxins taken home to our loved ones. No filtration systems set in place, No breathing protections inplace. Peer.org, or progressive magazine.org under computer recycling Toxic chemicals. Freda Cobb.com

  3. molly cruz

    It’s odd how the Chinese use poisons, in infant’s milk, toys, pet food. But watching documentaries of how cheap life was taken when Japan invaded and killed more people than Hitler I understand, and when Mao was torturing people or letting them starve by the millions; it’s easier to understand how our standards, which are flaky at best, could be lowered in desperate attempts to economize. But there almost seems to be a piece missing in their souls, judging buy the government’s behavior; at least those in power.

  4. simplynatural@att.net

    This article demonstrates what happens when the government has complete control..which will happen in the medical arena in the uSA if ObamaCare is not overturned. However bad a private corporation is, you can still sue them…but when the government decides there is much less redress. Undoubtedly, the Chinese should be protecting their environment instead of destroying it…but the article also seems to cast doubt on the nutritional remedies
    advocated by the Chinese. Perhaps the author should do some more research..and then realize that all those foods are indeed good for detoxification.

  5. john p 1939

    Why do the families of the leaders not live with their families in the polluted areas ???
    These managers should be prosocuted for 1st degree murder !!!!!!!!!!!

  6. wayne

    History repeats and it makes no difference if the government is Communist-newvue capitalist or Japanese Big Trading Companies, Profit and the Elite beneficiaries must be protected. May the Dec 21 2012 sweep them all into oblivion!

  7. John Gabriel

    Lead poisoning is not the worst of their problems. China has a huge problem with smoking. If the lead does not get these poor children, their smoking fathers will….

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