One comment to “Bill Seeks to Restrict Corporate Whistleblowers in Financial Cases”

  1. dobavobid

    Here’s the key sentence in this report:

    “Companies can’t effectively address a problem if they don’t know about it.”

    What is not obvious from Rep Grimm’s statement is what he is referring to by “problem”.

    The “problem” to be “effectively addressed” by companies is whistleblowers, not the misconduct they report. Companies have a conflict of interest with self-policing, and they have demonstrated this time and time again by how they retaliate against those who report misconduct and how they absolutely fail to action based on the disclosures their “loyal employees” make.

    The argument that a company doesn’t know about the misconduct is an inside joke.. What companies don’t know is how their misconduct becomes known, so they need whistleblowers to come to them first so they can improve the secrecy around their misdeeds and identify the source of leaks.

    What is not discussed here is the fact that whistleblowers usually follow the procedures of their company’s whistleblower policy and get frustrated with the lack of proper response, so they eventually come to feel the only option is to go to the press.

    This bill is just another step in the dismantling of protections against reporting the abuse of authority.

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