3 comments to “Arkansas Bans Popular Lazy Cakes ‘Relaxation Brownies’”

  1. gd

    This is how all those agencies justify their existence. Someone pays them for “favors” and they surely comply. Somebody wants the market had by the Lazy Cakes or dislikes the owners.

  2. armin

    this is exactly what ron paul was talking about in the gop debate. We dont need the goverment telling us whats best for our diet, when they are imbesiles themselves. we dont need these garbage laws and regulations to limit our liberty and freedom.

  3. cliff

    Ha! Melatonin is a NATURAL compound found in trace amounts in MANY food products.
    Has the FDA set a limit on melatonin content? Or for fortified foods? Do the states come up with stupid laws every week?
    Opioid substances exist in milk and dairy, wheat and spinach also, active substances in parsley, dill, anise, cloves, basil, NUTMEG, and sassafras could be prolific sources for designer drugs, many of which are now or becoming controlled substances. Many oils contain and can be used to synthesize semi-synthetic NAPE isolate, many of which can have bioactive cannabinoid activity.

    If we keep illegalizing more and more substances, in a few decades, even more than today, the controlled substances list will be so long that it will be rendered illegible to the average citizen.

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