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Myron Levin is editor of FairWarning.

2 comments to “Toddler Burns From Fireplaces Draw Heat from Senator Franken”

  1. john

    It fire, it gets hot. Fire is inherently unsafe for children. What kind of neglectful parent allows this to happen?? How can you blame an inanimate object for just doing what it is suppised to do? Do you fill the bath with hot water and put your child in and then sue? Take some responsibility you worthless parents. By the way, this is the same government that has posioned the planet with atomic waste. Another example of why I don’t follow laws I disagree with- the US government is a joke.

  2. Louis Lombardo

    Fair Warning is right to warn consumers about this and many hazards when businesses are allowed to write voluntary standards. One example was the 1925 voluntary agreement by Ethyl Corp that enabled the mass poisoning of children with lead in gasoline for the next 50 years. See

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