3 comments to “Rental Car Firms Taking a Wrong Turn on Recall Bill”

  1. Taxi Services In Jaipur

    People should check the vehicles properly before hiring it. It will reduce the number of hiring of damaged vehicles. They have to act smartly to avoid these kinds of cases.

  2. Affordable Car rental services in Melbourne

    Rental car firms are advertising that they rent new and road-worthy cars, anyway. So why then are they lobbying to stop a proposed bill in California requiring them to do follow through on their promise?

  3. Alan

    We are talking FACTORY defects here. What about non-factory defects? Things like worn steering and suspension components, fuel and exhaust leaks, and worse?

    This industry is rife with abuse. Their primary concern is to keep the vehicle on the road, at any cost. When you pick up their car, most people concern themselves with how much “PLD” (industry term for “parking lot damage”) is on the car. What about under the hood? They never get checked. If they refuse to let the manufacturer repair factory defects why would they be concerned about any other ones?

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