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Lilly Fowler is assistant editor at FairWarning.

3 comments to “Assuming You Want to Know, Genetic Tests Are No Crystal Ball”

  1. M. Pena

    We thought this was a solid, first-person account. So we linked to it from our “National DNA Day” story: http://bioethicsbulletin.org/archive/knowing-your-dna/


  2. B. Danforth

    I would find it very interesting as I have a somewhat rare genetic disease, whether they would even notice it. Running cookbook tests might well miss serious life changing issues while looking at vague, but common differences. Some like mine show up in childhood, but are often misdiagnosed, or not understood as a problem at all, others like Huntington’s don’t show up at all until the effect is especially devastating.

    I would think that not diagnosing something so life changing would open them to more charges of fraud that many missed breast cancers that so many folk complain of.

  3. Jon k

    Very insightful, thanks for the research, I always wondered about the validity of these tests

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