7 comments to “Philadelphia Named America’s Most Toxic City”

  1. Rocky balboa

    I always know I’m home when I smell that rotten egg aroma on 95

  2. Rocky balboa

    Everything in this article is true the other day I was by the river and a catfish walked up out the water and took a sip of my Dr Pepper

  3. Ray Haze

    Since this we have found iodine 131 in our water and that the testing is bull and the EPA lies.

  4. Ed

    What are you guys, Fox News?

    Your headline and conclusions are dishonest at best. As Forbes noted (and you ignored), the rating is based on the Census-derived MSA that includes counties in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland and Delaware – including the cities of Camden NJ and Wilmington Del., among others.

    If you’re living in Philly you’re not in Camden, or Wilmington, or Maryland. Philly tap water is clean and has been for decades:

    ‎”Since the Safe Drinking Water Act was passed more than 25 years ago, Philadelphia’s unblemished record for drinking water quality has consistently met or has outperformed all physical, chemical, radiological and bacterial water quality standards established by the EPA.”


    Philly air is good: they had just two air quality days in 2009, compared to 43 in Bakersfield.

    Of the Superfund sites in Philly, just two of them are on the National Priority List (NPL sites), which represent the most hazardous sites. The rest are non-NPL sites:


    Could you be more honest next time?

  5. zforce

    Yes it’s wonderful ,especially when one arives by air and they take 95n you know you are Phila.They are talking about air quality as well.

  6. Michael Aear

    It’s not saying Philadelphia has bad air quality, it’s saying Philadelphia has bad water and lots of on- site toxic chemicals released.

  7. Maria Duca

    you must be mistaken! this report must be about another city. We have always had good water quality and there are not superfund sites here. Please go back and verify this report as I am challenging it! Philadelphia seems to get a lot of bad press that we do not deserve. I’ve lived here all my life and the air is not that bad!!!

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