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Lilly Fowler is assistant editor at FairWarning.

3 comments to “Deadly Tour Bus Crashes Spur Calls for Safety Measures”

  1. carolyn mauldin

    I notice was there a center concrete divider between the Fedex truck and the bus. Maybe if there was it would have slow down the truck from having such a great impact on the bus. We do need to consider the safety of our freeways on such open lane roads. I”ve seen so many deadly cash like these in the past. I hope safety will consider installing center divider between all ingoing and outgoing traffic in all citys.

  2. Joe Cutter

    In my humble opinion, all of the so-called “fixes” for stopping or solving tour bus crashes are inadequate…better safety equipment, bus inspections, etc. Here’s a simple proposition: go out on the highway everyday and observe how these tour buses are driven. You will find that the operators drive them with total disdain for anyone in their way, and they will jump from lane to lane, far exceed speed limits, travel in left-hand passing lanes in states where that is prohibited…anything to get every other vehicle out of their way. One recent crash found the bus was travelling 78 mph in a 50mph zone. I think this is a big part of the problem.

  3. nrozier

    Why was a man who had a 20 year criminal history hired to drive a bus full of students and senior citizens? Criminal background checks should be mandatory for these types of companies. With so many affordable and reputable employee screening companies out there, such as Proforma Screening Solutions, there is no good excuse for employers not to conduct background checks.

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