3 comments to “More Health Care Employers Denying Jobs to Smokers”

  1. James Powell

    The government legalized alcohol and tob aco and then
    then the healthcare employee wants to set guide lines on
    you about smoking.That is ridiculus and invading your
    cival rights.And if the employee is not smoking within the
    place of employment then they are not wrong in any way
    and have a right to be employed there.You can not dictate the way people live there life and if they are performing there as they are expected to,then we must only concern
    ourselfs with that issue.You cannot tell me that people that are already employed within these health institutions don’t drink or smoke and if you think they don’t you living in the twilight zone.Healthcare careers are a very demanding and
    stressful job and these people go home and have sex and drink and smoke just like anybody else.You think all they do is jog and read books,you living in a dream world.

    a very demanding and stresful job and these healthcare need relaxation.You think all they do is jog and read books give me a

    smoke or drink in there private life
    and if you think they don

  2. James Powell

    I think it is wrong for any healthcare institution to deny u employment because you smoke.What you do in your private life is your business and as long as you are not
    smoking within the work place is the main issue.This is an invasion of privacy and violating your cival rights.Cigaretts are legal and are not an illega l substance.If the
    employee is using narcotics or other illegal substance,then the employer can take action.

    And if you want cigaretts to become obsolete stop making them and make them illegal.

    Cigaretts are part of the shopping list at krogers,publix its a part life and if you want cig

  3. Wellescent Health

    Although it is hard on individuals, there is something to be said for ensuring that those working in the health care field are being held to live a healthy lifestyle. This would seem to make sense in terms of alcohol consumption, drug consumption, obesity and smoking. By taking such a policy, these health care providers are raising the bar on what is required of their employees while showing patients role models of a sort. At the same time, such an approach might also provide the impetus to individuals to give up the habit when they have otherwise had little interest or success.

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