Filtered Drinking Water Comes with a Possible Catch: Tooth Decay

Installing a filter on your kitchen faucet may seem like a good way to protect you and your loved ones from the unidentifiable brownish-gray gunk that slips into municipal water supplies all too often. But those filters are also removing something you might want from your water supply: fluoride.

As reported by the Washington Post, fluoride is best known to most Americans from its use in the dentist’s office, and for good reason: the substance serves as a bulwark against tooth decay, helping to keep the chompers in proper form well into old age.

But now, with the use of home filters rising and consumption of fluoride-free bottled water doubling over the past decade, Americans could be looking at a more tooth-troubled future.

The U.S. government started injecting drinking water with fluoride in the 1940s, a move that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention counts among the 10 most significant public health advances of the 20th century. The CDC says it helped reduce cavities among adults by up to 40 percent, and among children by up to 37 percent.

Some experts favor investigating how the growing preference for filtered water might eat into that achievement. “I think it would be good to look at,” said Howard Pollick, a spokesman for the American Dental Association and a dentistry professor at the University of California at San Francisco.

Few studies have examined the link between long-term fluoride intake and tooth trouble but at least one, from Australia in the 1990s, shows a strong connection between cavities and non-fluoridated water.

The Post noted that some water filter marketers, including Brita, and bottled water brands either allow fluoride to slip through or add it after the filtering process is complete.

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9 comments to “Filtered Drinking Water Comes with a Possible Catch: Tooth Decay”

  1. Daniel Sanmartin

    Fluoride is great { for poisonig rats, and cockroaches } However in humans, it is a thyroid disrupter. increased bone cancer, sterylalizes, and has been linked to lower IQ,diminishes your immune system, so as you get older, and you end up getting cancer { everyone has cancer cells } or any number of diseases that a healthy immune system would ordinarily have fought off. Fluoride is a waste product of phosphate mines, Aluminum, and nuclear industries, and was expensive to dispose of, until a scientist { whose school at the Mellon institute-the same school that said asbestose was OK, was paid for by the aluminum industry } named Cox said it was OK to put in water-I think some rats had stronger teeth even if by 3rd generation they would have been steryl. another person named Euing became head of health and human services, and promoting fluoride was rewarded with $600,000.oo, from aluminum industry. later asked for 2 1/2 milion taxpayer money to create this myth about fluoride being good for your teeth. The nazi concentration camps when overun by american troops, they found boxes of sodium fluoride that they added to the water.this was the result of medical experiments by I G Farbin that showed that fluoride effects the part of your brain that resists domination, so preventing open rebellion,along with sterylizing them. I’m sure they wern’t worried about giving jews strong teeth:} I hate to think our gov’t would ever lie to us , but a lot of people cant seem to have kids, nor has there ever been open rebellion, so I guess this is why the gov’t gets crazy mad when people dont want fluoride added to their water {europe doesn’t fluoridate-they remember the nazis} Oh I forgot to tell you PROZAC is 94% fluoride, so when you see people zoned out, or ADHD its the Fluoride. other than that I guess it’s OK…

  2. Luke

    wow, so many strong opinions. Well,

    I found this page because I searched “is filtrated water bad for your teeth?”. I usually drink tap water but recently have been drinking filtrated water because its chilled and its too damn hot in Perth at the moment. BUT I have felt my teeth getting a little bit weak and found I have been spitting small traces of blood in the morning when I wake up. Nothing in my diet or lifestyle has changed other than the water. Although in saying this, I have nothing but observation to base my theory on.

  3. Christian

    Wow, really? Are you guys serious? Flouride is not bad for your health at those levels. You would have to drink 40 gallons of water to even reach close to those toxicity levels that you take in from flouridated water. If you were to try to take in that amount, you would succumb to water poisoning much sooner. Tell you what, instead of getting your information from some ragtag website, go to a reputable source that scientists, doctors and epidemiologists use around the world, and research it yourself.

    Let me ask you this question Celeste, you say that non-flouridated cities have less decay then flouridated. Do you have any reputable sources to back that “fact” up? I can dig up countless epidemiological studies on what you just said that state the opposite if you would like so that you can look over those at your leisure.

  4. Oscar

    This Smiley was also paid for by the flouride industry

  5. Bob


  6. Gary

    Oscar is correct. Also, studies have proven that communities that do not fluoridate their water have the same amount of tooth decay as those that do fluoridate. Fluoride is toxic waste produced from industrial aluminum and fertilizer factories. They figured out a way to actually get paid to dump their waste on us. The EPA finally has lowered levels from 1.0 ppm to .7 ppm. It’s not a matter of if, but when, it will be banned totally. Go to and read the truth.

  7. Celeste

    That is BS….flouride is NOT good for you or your teeth….drink flouride and brush with It so you can ruin your teeth and be forced to seek more and more dental care! Do the research yourself…people in cities with non-flouridated water supplies have less tooth decay…its a fact!!

  8. Pat

    What is this article paid for by the flouride industry? flouride shows protection only when applied to teeth, never swallowed as the other commenter stated, do soem basic research before pushing such hogwash, ban flouride in any water system is the answer

  9. Oscar

    Lies Lies Lies, almost all filters used commercially do not filter fluoride from water though it should, drinking fluoride is not safe though it is in tap water for absolutely no reason. Yes, it protects teeth from tooth decay but drinking fluoride, even low dosages proves to be toxic in the long-term. Fluoride eventually weakens your bones and makes them susceptible to fracture. Washing your mouth in this and ingesting it are two different things. There is a major push to ban fluoride from drinking water.

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