Breast Implants Might Raise Risk of a Rare Cancer

The Food and Drug Administration says it has detected a possible link between breast implants and a rare form of cancer.

As reported by the The Washington Post, federal authorities say that both silicone and saline breast implants might increase the likelihood of developing a cancer of the immune system known as anaplastic large cell lymphoma, or ALCL.

Sixty cases of ALCL have been found in women with breast implants, who number between 5 and 10 million around the world. “Although very rare, the FDA believes women with breast implants may have a small increased risk of developing ALCL,” said William Maisel, the agency’s highest-ranking scientist.

The FDA said that women with implants, which are used both for cosmetic reasons and reconstructive breast cancer surgery, do not need to take any special steps to protect themselves, but they should seek medical attention immediately if they observe swelling or pain around the implant.

The announcement followed a study of the medical literature since 1997, which documented 34 cases of ALCL, and subsequent reports from regulators and manufacturers around the world. The FDA also asked doctors to report any further cases of ALCL immediately.

Silicone breast implants were linked to cancer and other maladies decades ago, which led to their temporary prohibition in 1992. However, after further studies largely discounted the connection, the implants were allowed to continue.

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  1. Ruthie

    With over 100 studies showing that silicone causes foreign body reaction..giant cell tumors etc. I don’t know why the FDA allowed these implants on the market. I phoned David Krause at the FDA and pleaded that he say NO!I had a silicone implant placed in my jaw joint and it failed.. The TMJ Implant Disaster should never have happened. When you look at the Vitek _Proplast Teflon implant survivors your hear just bleeds for them. And even with what they learned from this disaster it took 20 years before we learn that teflon bake ware is dangerous if overheated and toxic and God love you if your bake ware is scratched. We now have silicone bake ware..many have thrown it away because of color bleeding. The University Of Washington did a study quote ” Soft tissue implants elicit a host response that normally leads to their encapsulation by an avascular collagenous capsule (1). This multistep process, termed the foreign body reaction (FBR), is characterized by a transient acute inflammatory reaction followed by formation of granulation tissue and fibrosis and is clearly related to the biocompatability of inert materials. Thus capsule formation has been linked to diminished implant performance, often with subsequent failure (2). Consider, for example, implanted electrodes, drug delivery devices, and breast implants, all of which are compromised by capsule formation. The question of why materials with diverse surface properties elicit the same FBR has troubled investigators for more than two decades. They have known this since before 1978? at the Congressional Hearings…Breast Implant and TMJ Implants And we continue to see flawed research… Like the tower of Babel a flagrant example of corporate pride. The multitude followed Nimrod’s advice, these men wanted to make a name for themselves, banding together. Let’s all quit playing with the silly putty. A woman is a gift from God. Not a laboratory rat waiting to be experimented on.

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