2 comments to “More Than 30 Million Americans Have Driven While Drunk, Survey Finds”

  1. Chase beck

    Hey guys just don’t drink and drive. Just keep praying to God that he can help you get rid of your drinking problem, and if you still have a problem or it’s not going away like you’d like it to take the necessary steps to get rid of it and keep on praying to God and don’t worry about it??? !!!

  2. Judge James Dehn

    For cash strapped courts looking to deal with repeat Drunk Drivers,please Google “Staggered Sentencing” developed in our court for the last 12 years.We have reduced recidivism by 50%(Mn.House Research/Cleary 2002)while costing nothing to implement.This program has been presented through the Century Council “Hardcore Drunk Driving Judicial Guide” and taught at the National Judicial College.It is a judge driven/offender driven program.
    Judge James Dehn

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