Homeowners Claim American-Made Drywall Poses Dangers

Two years after reports emerged that tainted Chinese drywall had contaminated thousands of U.S. homes, more homeowners say they are experiencing the same problems–but with American drywall, according to ProPublica and the Sarasota Herald-Tribune.

Ninety-seven homeowners in four states have joined lawsuits against U.S. drywall manufacturers in the past year, claiming that their drywall is releasing enough sulfur gas to corrode wiring and appliances and cause headaches, nosebleeds, labored breathing and irritated eyes—complaints that until now have been mostly associated with Chinese drywall.

According to plaintiffs in the main lawsuit, which involves 93 homes in Florida, drywall manufactured by National Gypsum is to blame for the problems.

So far none of the cases has gone to trial, but court records show that many of the plaintiffs have test results from independent laboratories that indicate high levels of sulfur gas coming from the walls of their homes.

Attorneys for the plaintiffs say that the gas may be linked to a synthetic gypsum, known as flue gas desulfurized gypsum or FGD gypsum. It is a form of coal ash produced by the scrubbing process used to remove sulfur dioxide from the emissions of coal-fired power plants. About half of U.S. drywall is made with the substance. which is not regulated by the federal government.

According to Michael Gardner,  executive director of the Gypsum Association, “There has never been a problem with the use of FGD gypsum wallboard since its inception.”

Another lawsuit suggests the drywall could have been manufactured using recycled drywall–perhaps Chinese drywall.

In September, the federal Consumer Product Safety Commission ordered a small study of homes built with the troublesome drywall, but figuring out the cause of the problems, and who should pay, will be a long process.

After two years, lawsuits over Chinese drywall are still stuck in court.

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