2 comments to “Children in Apartment Buildings Exposed to More Secondhand Smoke, Study Finds”

  1. Ames Iowa apartments

    Thanks for posting this. This makes quite a bit of sense, but I’m glad a study was finally done to prove this. Luckily, as non-smoking laws are becoming more wide-spread, so are non-smoking buildings – or, at least buildings that offer a larger percentage of their units as smoke-free.

    That said, the best choice is finding a 100% smoke-free building for you and your family to enjoy.

  2. Residents for Smoke-Free Living

    We applaud this study, it’s about time. The vast majority of residents of apartment complexes are non-smokers who are exposed to unwanted secondhand smoke every day where they live. It’s time we give them the choice to live in smoke-free buildings and designate separate buildings and areas for smokers to light-up. It’s time to restore the rights and freedoms families in our communities to breathe fresh air.

    Let’s focus on giving people the choice to live in non-smoking buildings and require larger landlords (who change too slowly for the good of our children) to go with what the market demands and offer at least 70% of their units as smoke-free? This is not about taking away rights of smokers, but about restoring the rights and protecting the health of children and families.

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