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  1. LORI

    AMAZING! The FDA not only allowed it, they are accomplices to all the deaths that have taken place over this drug.
    — Yet, they fight, with their attorneys, (that cost the taxpayer a bundle), against a great ‘harm reduction product’ that is essentially a cigarette with no tobacco or carcinogenic chemicals or second or first hand smoke! They tried to keep it out of this country! Does that make sense to anyone?

    Let’s recap. Chantix: Hundreds of deaths from suicides by the drug, attempted suicides, psychotic episodes and permanent brain damage. Enough evidence for the Federal Aviation Administration to ban it’s use by any of it’s pilots and Air Traffic Controllers.

    Electronic Personal Vaporizers (e-cigs): No reported deaths, attempted suicides or psychotic episides since it’s arrival on the market a few years ago. No adverse symptoms reported at all. Many tests and lab results were done on this product.

    Yet, the FDA fought for a year to keep the less harmful product from being sent to America. They were so busy trying to ban the better product that they paid no attention to what Chantix was doing to our citizens, our families, our friends.
    They are accomplices!

  2. Bob

    Their smoking bans for mental health establishments should be immediatly repealed worldwide.

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