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One comment to “Targeting Bogus Injury Records, OSHA Takes Heat from All Sides”

  1. Gerard Samson

    bogus reporting is only a start, of complete outright fraud, These self managed safety systems are for administration only. ceo’s, insurance, trustee’s to the human resource of diversion. IIpp plans designed to prevent coverage in the course to protect not people but the numbers in company’s erisa secured with phony labor management, collective bargaining agreements to scratch each others back. Recently Gerard Samson acquired a serious (unknown Infection ) while moving laundry around for Prudential Overall Supply here in California, Starting early March he had smashed his finger, and during the loss of finger nail period of healing, He woke up two weeks following the event , with unbearable pain in his entire arm.” Simple enough ” So off to urgent care 3-19-15 , The infection was severe enough to require extreme measures, with Two intravenous antibiotic treatments followed with six weeks of oral medication, The fear at the time was the possibility of Geard losing his prosthesis, the State program, provided him with when he fell from a roof twenty years ago, Due to an unsafe work environment, employer providing medical, and abuse in discretion, amongst administration .3-20-15 The fear of losing my arm took me to my place of employment , filled out comp. claim form, The management was so good he escorted me to the employer M.D. at Kaiser, Doctor Wang the examiner, Mpn, wellness first aid supplier, I’m sure it depends on the employers use of Med/legal requirement’s, at any given moment. The report he wrote was so absolutely drafted for employers only. And the exam , a joke, he decided I needed an Ex-ray of my finger although I had been seeing a real doctor, for the infection. Doctor Wangs statements were so derogatory I smoke, chew tobacco, I tried to make him say my elbow was work related , he saw no sign of infection, or injury, to make me happy he ex-rayed. and sent me back to work. Where do you go with that kind of bull ? Well I’ll tell you, a lot of people are getting paid for that, type of service, including Tristar the third party administrator, who says , that was my Mpn 1.2, &3rd opinion . of coarse, not in writing, The only thing in writing was the report above , a copy of my claim and a denial of elbow and acceptance of the finger. Funny thing they all came 45 days late, and Infection removed from my claim form. Back at work moving dirty bio hazard laundry for Prudential, know mention of injury, know modified work program here and no investigation. So what was that nasty germ anyways, I hope it doesn’t kill .

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