One comment to “Looser About Drinking and Driving, U.S. Suffers More Alcohol-Related Deaths”

  1. Jerry D. Saieg

    Bringing this information is very informative. I have an idea, more common sense than anything, is as follows: When police set up DUI check points, the time frame always ends at 2:00 AM. I live in Stockton, CA and over the years I always read in the newspaper that a check point is going to occur on such and such a day. Or, read where one was done a night or two ago and lists the DUI’s, weapons siezed, impounded cars, etc. And, the kicker is; they stopped at 2:00 AM – that’s when the bars close in the state of California. That’s also when all the inibriated persons are exiting said bars. I know, I use to be one.

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