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2 comments to “OSHA Protection of Whistleblowers Flayed Again in Government Report”

  1. Vera Willner

    I reported safety violations at a temp work assignment and OSHA sent me a letter calling my complaint “nonformal” and “nonserious.” The district manager Andreea Minea would not speak to me when I called the local OSHA office in Van Nuys, CA. The letter also stated that the assistant manager of the facility I complained about stated that none of the violations existed, duh! Of course, she isn’t going to admit that there are any violations! This is disgusting! OSHA states that based on this information, there aren’t any violations. This is insulting! OSHA didn’t even send anyone out to investigate. What the hell kind of a system is this?

  2. Renae Gonzales

    The GAO and Attorney General’s reports on OSHA’s failure to investigate and enforce anti-retaliation laws adequatley should get more press. This is not a victimless crime. There are workers who have invested years with a company, have a great performance record and as soon as the worker becomes unlucky to witness violations whether security fraud, hazardous conditions ot safety the worker comes forward and does what a “good worker” is expected to do and the worker gets in return for doing the “right thing” harassed, alienated and finally loses their job. File a claim with OSHA? I was lucky enough to show a prima facie and they claimed they would investigate but over one year later, the company blocks my ability to apply for a job, the OSHA investigator had the nerve to tell me that if I were reinstated the company would simply put me somewhere and eventually fire me. These “investigators” are not equiped to address the retaliation they are supposed to be investigating. It’s not a matter of getting more money or tools, it’s their belief system. OSHA simply does not care that a worker has suffered retaliation for being a whistleblower!

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