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Jill Replogle is a researcher-reporter for FairWarning.

5 comments to “Off Road, 4 Wheels are More Dangerous Than 2, Study Shows”

  1. Jimmy dale cummerbund

    funny thing, in the last 3 years racing I’ve seen only one person injured seriously on a quad. I have seen at least 10 serious injuries from being on a bike. I think the results in this repot have been skewed to represent what the researcher wanted it to reflect so he could build a resume rather than have actual accurate results.

  2. Ramzy S

    It takes more Skill to ride a Dirtbike than a 4wheeler. Anyone can hop on and go around a corner fast enuff to hurt themselves on a 4 wheeler. Vers a Dirtbike that someone cant ride fast or at all without the skill to. Accidents happen when a rider takes on more risk than there skill level. That formula for a crash is meet way more on 4whellers then Dirtbikes.

  3. motoboy27

    Yes my opinion is that motocross is better than cars.Cars are too dangerous dirt bikes you can bail.

  4. Dirt Bike

    I try to tell people this when I can. Four wheelers are heavier than dirt bikes and carry a lot more momentum when flipped.

  5. Darin

    I could see that considering you can jump off from a dirt bike


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