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2 comments to “Bureau of Prisons Unit Guilty of Pervasive Safety Violations, U.S. Investigation Finds”

  1. charles

    So everybody gets settlement money except the inmates?smh

  2. freda cobb

    the reason behind the unable to link any health problems is because they turned a blinded eye to the sick and dying staff and inmates, only one toxic element was tested. It was {cadmium} no other toxic elements was asked to be tested. This agency has knowingly lie about the truth of the sick and has professionally covered up the real truth. the federal prison in question is in the Fla. Panhandle Marianna Fla. this institution was ordered to shut down for six months {they say due to a tornado} to do restoration and clean up prior to the Niosh coming in to inspect. we staff are the ones that was ordered to clean and pressure wash and repaint, repave all of the institution (ginny pigs) and all the toxic trash was dumped in a sister county dump site in Blountstown Fla. were now a lot of their local people are dying with cancer.. young people. so yes the big cover up of the sick and dying, I asked our local health department to help us they said no. So why is the water and our environment in the shams that it is in this small country community. so we welcome you come get a drink of our fresh spring water

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