One comment to “Booming Sales of Antipsychotic Drugs Often Fueled by Illegal Marketing Tactics”

  1. Daniel Haszard

    Eli Lilly & Co, the world’s biggest maker of psychiatric drugs,
    Psychotropic meds are indicated for true clinical conditions.

    Zyprexa was pushed by Lilly Drug Reps.

    They called it the “Five at Five” (5 mg at 5 pm to keep nursing home patients subdued and sleepy) and “VIVA ZYPREXA” (Zyprexa for everybody) campaigns to off label market Eli Lilly Zyprexa as a fix for unapproved usage
    I was prescribed Eli Lilly Zyprexa by my physician *off-label* for PTSD and it was all wrong,cost me a lot of money and the side effects damaged my pancreas and gave me life-long diabetes.
    Daniel Haszard Zyprexa whistle-blower

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