3 comments to “OSHA Lambasts Grain Companies for Workplace Deaths and Injuries”

  1. Mike

    Another death just occurred in Taft, Texas. An employee was killed in November after suffocating in a grain elevator while working for the grain elevator company!

  2. Jeremy

    Grain elevators are an error where I feel employers could use more guidance. I doesn’t seem like their are a lot of regulations or resources to help in that area.

  3. Edwardx

    Lea Yu reports that OSHA “said it will consider seeking criminal prosecutions, in addition to civil penalties, against employers responsible for fatal accidents” involving workers in grain storage facilities. When people die as the result of gross recklessness and negligence of others, the deaths may meet the criteria for prosecution as negligent homicide. Are the States Attorneys looking into these deaths? IF the evidence shows these deaths to be negligent homicides, I wouldn’t call them “accidents.”

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