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3 comments to “DRIVE Coalition Hits a Wall”

  1. bob

    LaHood stated that 5450 people were killed by distracted drivers. What he failed to mention is that only 995 were using cell phones. I am all for safety, but I am not for people who misrepresent the facts or take things out of context. In states where laws have been passed against texting the number of crashes during texting.has gone up because people hold the phone in their lap instead of up higher where a cop could see it. He also wants cellphones and gps devices banned. He did not object to police using them because they need them for their jobs. Deaths from driving distrations are down from last year. An app in the phone that makes it impossible to use unless you stop might be more practical. I wonder on the other hand how many lives are saved by drivers using their cellphones because they are responding to an emergency.

  2. Brett Banditelli

    Great to hear- To clarify there’s no evidence the chamber of commerce funds them is there?

  3. TS

    Thank YOU, FairWarning, for your part in keeping Americans safe.
    Without your initial piece on DRIVE, this would not have come to Sec. LaHood’s attention and yesterday’s slapdown of anti-safety lobbyists would not have taken place.
    Like LaHood said on his blog, http://fastlane.dot.gov , I was “stunned to read that anyone would organize an effort to undercut road safety.”
    And the nation read it HERE first!

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