Cadmium-Tainted Goodies Far From Rewarding

For the fourth time this year, federal regulators have found high levels of the toxic metal cadmium in Chinese-made children’s jewelry, this time in trinkets that children received for free at some doctor and dentist offices over the last five years.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has recalled approximately 66,200 “Children’s Happy Charm Bracelets,” which have colored beads and a single metal charm shaped like a butterfly, moon or sun, and 2,200 rings with metal footballs on top. Parents should immediately throw them away, the agency said.

Cadmium is a known carcinogen that can weaken bones and kidneys if ingested. Regulators warned that if children bite, suck or swallow the toys, they can become exposed to the toxic metal. There have been no reports of injuries from the products, which the CPSC said were distributed in doctor and dental offices between June 2005 and March 2010.

A purchasing manager for Toy Network LLC of Indianola, Iowa, said the company stopped importing the bracelet charms after testing, but would not elaborate further, the Associated Press reports.

There are no federal requirements for detecting cadmium in children’s jewelry, but some firms have voluntarily started testing after an Associated Press investigation earlier this year reported that some Chinese manufacturers were substituting cadminum for lead after federal legislation banned lead in children’s jewelery.

Other cadmium-tainted recalls include 12 million “Shrek” movie-themed drinking glasses distributed by McDonald’s, 55,000 Disney metal necklaces sold exclusively at Wal-Mart and 19,000 “Best Friends” charm bracelets from Claire’s.

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2 comments to “Cadmium-Tainted Goodies Far From Rewarding”

  1. Aliza Dash

    I went to Target with my daughter and she wanted to buy her friend who was moving a locket . When she asked for it they told her they could only sell it to people 18 and older…made in China with cadmium!
    Also I bought myself the other day a baclet at TJ Maxx. brought it home and it actually had a warning label “not for use for children under age 12”. Well them I read about Cadmium more carefully. Apparently it doesn’t escriminate it can be very toxic to adults as well!
    Why isn’t our government doing anything?? Why is the consumer protection agency sitting on their butts! Just ban this jewelry from China, and take it off the shelves of our retail stores. This is very serious!

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