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2 comments to “Rough Patch for Trucker Who Blew the Whistle”

  1. Danny Hamilton

    Yeah we’re federally-regulated by the government they make all these laws for money but when it comes down to it all the money they can get from the driver is all that they’re interested in safety has nothing to do with it report report report gets filed in the T for trash while drivers get abused

  2. Donna Blyzes

    I too am a victim of filing a complaint with OSHA because my employer General Motors refuses to follow the smoking laws and allowed an employee to continue to harrass me and cause me to have asthma attacks while I worked. I also was punished by my employer and lost both my knees because they knew I had bad knees and forced me to work in a job that blew out my knees within 6 weeks causing me to have to get them replaced at an earlier age than normal. I have been since fired by them and then rehired saying I was just on a “sick leave” for the time I was fired. General Motors refuses to follow the restrictions that the doctors “including their doctors” have given me for my knees. General Motors places me on jobs that do not follow those restrictions when there are jobs and with my seniority in the plant I am entitled to refuses to let me do because they are trying to fire me or sned me out to try to collect government social security at which time I will be denied by social security because I can work and I won’t be able to work at General Motors because I filed for disability and they say I would be a hazard to them when there are jobs in the plant that I can do and have the seniority to have. The union does nothing to support me because the union does not agree with the smoking laws neither since most of the union officials smoke. This episode has been going on for 8 years and I am still waiting for the Missouri Human Rights Commission to conclude their investigation in this matter. They too work at a snails pace.

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