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5 comments to “Protection Lags for Workers Who Report Hazards on the Job”

  1. Steven M. Sweat

    Anyone who is terminated following a report of safety violations to a governmental authority should immediately seek out the advice and counsel of an employment law attorney in their jurisdiction to review a potential wrongful termination claim. I take these cases all the time and I am able to obtain good compensation for these employees upon a proper work up of the case. The jury verdicts on these claims have been trending up due, in large part, to organizations like yours who are attempting to educate the public on the inequities suffered by these citizens trying to stand up and do the right thing!

  2. Mike

    I know the feeling ….

    I complained to local, state, and federal authorities (not as a whistle-blower, simply as a concerned manager) that there was a lack of heat generally, and absolutely no heat on certain days in a building (college campus) during the winter months. this was in a suburb of Philadelphia, PA … and my complaints to my superior, the president, and the Board of Trustees had been voiced -and ignored for FOUR years.

    Please know that this building was occupied by administrators, staff, students and instructors on a daily basis.

    On a day when the outide temperature only reached 18 degrees and my staff was working in winter coats, parkas, scarves and gloves, I sent a dire message to the president and Board requesting that something be done immediately. The president responded that something would.

    Indeed something would -and it wasn’t the heat being fixed, it was me being fired one week later -by courier, no less, as I hsd a doctor’s appointment that day and I was at home.

    From that point forward, everything else was equivalent o falling down the rabbit hole as the EEOC denied taking on my case; OSHA informed me there are no federal laws requiring that a building be heated -regardless of whether it was occupied by people and the temperatures was below freezing. And it even took me money and time to file a complaint and appeal to the PA Unemployment Commission after a so-called “referee” denied my claim for unemployment.

    I finally was fortunate enough to find a labor law firm to take on my suit against the college. But the craziness of that -3 years- replete with the defendant’s witnesses lying under oath and then me being informed by the judge’s representative -as my lawyer and I sat in an office outside the judge’s chambers- that in PA, because of the [antiquated] Employment-at-Will law, people can actually lie -and lie under oath apparently, at least in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and it has no bearing on a Wrongful Termination suit.

    Needless to say, I have no trust in federal, state, and local agencies to serve and protect the people they are created for and, as another post (R. Gonzales) mentioned, “There is no protection. These tax-funded agencies are not doing their jobs ….”

    Ah yes, democracy … it’s a beautiful thing -if you know the right people.

  3. R Gonzales

    I can relate to Neal Jorgensen far too well. I was employed with a company for 12 years. I received high ratings and never once received a corrective. Until in 2008, my boss was forced to retire due to illness. The company placed an individual who had been with the company for 3 years and ran a smaller district up North. It did not take long for me to notice my new boss had very little regard for the law, including Federal Security Laws, Labor Laws and the most fustrating was that he was a racist. This was a large Southern California District so he had the ability to control many lives within the company. He was very brazen with his behavior and told me if he were ever caught he would somehow blame me. I reported his activities to Corporate but I was ignored. Things continued to worsen and after I contacted someone I knew in Corp L.P. they “investigated” He was terminated However, they white-washed the reason. As soon as his replacement arrived the harassment against me in retaliation for coming forward was intolerable, I was forced to quit and noted this on the resignation giving 14 days notice. The company abruptly terminated me and never notified me. I spent 5 days trying to get this company to tell me my emplyment status. I filed with OSHA a Sarbanes Oxley complaint they agreed to investigate.
    I had documentation to prove my former boss’ illegal activities. The time between my former boss’ termination and the adverse actions against me are undeniable. In fact, I was stupid enough to believe this company’s business ethics statment in which they claim -you are obligated to report illegal behavior and go on to -claim they have a zero tolerance to retaliation. I was amazed at how ignorant this large fortune 500 company would make the retaliation so obvious but in hindsight the company must be well aware that anti-retaliation laws will not be enforced. My complaint was never really investigated the company has been allowed to continue their reatlition againt me and after one year I have not been given the reason they entered me in a negative status. This is affecting my ability to get a job. No one can truly understand the betrayal until it happens to them. There is no protection. These tax funded agencies are not doing their jobs and we are allowing it to happen.

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