Massive Settlement Reached by Glaxo in Avandia Litigation

Drug maker GlaxoSmithKline PLC has settled thousands more lawsuits with patients who claim the diabetes drug Avandia causes heart attacks, Reuters reports.  The cases—around 5,000 of them–were consolidated in Philadelphia, where the first had been scheduled to go to trial this month. The company would not give out information on the terms of the deal.

Last month, GSK settled approximately 700 cases in the U.S. for around $60 million

Analysts say that relatively modest amount suggested that the total payout for remaining Avandia cases would be a lot lower than early estimates of around $6 billion. 

Sales of the drug, which helps diabetics control their blood sugar, began to fall after a 2007 study suggested that Avandia could cause heart attacks and strokes.

With settlement of the Philadelphia cases, the first U.S. trial of an Avandia claim is scheduled for October.

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26 comments to “Massive Settlement Reached by Glaxo in Avandia Litigation”

  1. Grace mckeever

    This is about the longest court case i’ever seen. No one getting money.what was the point. I talked to garreson ans they said my lien was satisfied (in other words I have no hlth liens) I still haven’t heard any news about my settlement. Lawyers haven’t called. Nothing received.will never do this again. The only ones getting money is the lawyers. If the lawyer cannot communicate with their clients,what the hell do we need them for. This is a it is we are not getting much of a damn thing after suffering medical problem that will eventually kill us all. I give up .I will never use jlf again. The hell with all of them. Angry in illinois.

  2. Grace mckeever

    I am waiting for a lein resolution group to see if I owe medicaide any monies. In I2 years I received approx 3.000.00. Where is rhe rest?
    Everyone received money except me. Johnson law want give any answers except “soon”. How soon is soon? A real shame everyone gets paid except the injured in illinois.

  3. Bonnie Ocker

    My father was very active, worked full time and was enjoying his life. The worst part about the entire situation and him taking Avandia is that when I took over his care (he could no longer do anything for himself) I found out from several doctors that Daddy never even had diabetes. I don’t know if I can take any action against the actual doctor who prescribed it, but I am certainly going to look into it. The attorney for the class action Avandia suite is Girardi and Keese. It was amazing how helpful they were in the beginning, which was back in 2009 and now you can never reach them and they don’t bother retuning calls. I did find out from one of the firms legal assistance that they have received the money from GSK and they are working on the accounting. That was almost a year ago. I called there Avandia Customer line yesterday and was told that the settlement letters are now going out……is it the truth or will there be another excuse the next time I call?

  4. GRACE

    My husband had a Avandia claim that was filed before he passed away, from congestive heart failure and arrhythmia, heart attack that I feel was due to Avandia he was only 58 years old. Before he passed away he spent periods of time in the hospital due to the symptoms listed in Avandia side effects, now the attorney tells me that these side effects would have needed to cause his death within a year after he quit taking the Avandia, I think that this is utter BS and I will be making inquiries to another lawyer, beware that I have also tried to call these attorney’s and to no avail they won’t return my calls giving me a status of the lawsuit or when I can receive the funds rightfully due me…It has been difficult for me financially since my husband passed away as he did not have any life insurance due to the fact, he couldn’t get insured due to Avandia and the problems it’s caused. Does anyone know anything on the status of these suits, apparently the lawyers don’t…..

  5. Rachele

    My grandpa died from a stroke taking Avandia in Feburary 2010. My grandma was told that she would see a for sure settlement by September 2014. She also received the letter stating the insurance was going to hold 30% of her settlement to process the rest of the law suit. Why? I’m not sure, she pays her insurance month to month and the insurance did their job paying the doctor visits and Rx’s, why do they need 30% of her settlement? It’s just another excuse to take MORE money from her. Then the Layers get their percentage as well.. She’s been in allot of debt since she is no longer receiving my grandpa’s retirement and NEEDS this money to pay her debt. She just recently received another letter that stated it wouldn’t settles until next March. Seriously?? I think the lawyers are just letting that money sit in the bank and draw all the interest to make their pockets bigger. She asked if she needed to get her own lawyer and they said that wouldn’t be necessary. I think she should, as many times as they’ve said, you’ll FOR SURE get your money on such and such date then they say.. OOPS! My bad, it’ll be 6 months from now!!! I wanna talk to them myself, this is ridiculous!


    I don’t like this crap thier medicen killed my sweet mother -in-law she was doing fine until they put her on avandia. She started gaining weight big time having minie strokes all the time got cognitive Heart failure and has heart attackand died. We have been trying to sue the drug com hmpany for several years now. Finally they send a letter saying my Father -in-law was aproved to get the money a year ago and we just got a letter saying that he would have to give them permission to make sure her insurance company she had didn’t pay her anything and if they did he would have to pay what ever he got back to the insurance company Thier wasn’t any money gotten from any insurance company in the first place and they said if you don’t do this they will hold your money until they find out who do they think they are. I think it’s another way of putting off having to pay. Its pretty sorry to kill you’re love one’s and. Come up with crap like this. Money will never Replace her but I think they owe her husband who’s been lost without her and all her kids and grand kids some Grandbadys she didn’t live to see thanks to these people who hide the truth and don’t care who or how many people they kill all they cared about was making money. And now trying to figure out a way not to have to pay but they will if I have to get a personal layer for my husband dad my husband misses his preshious mother and so do we all vengeance is mine sayth the LORD.

  7. Harris

    So sorry to have read these messages, and feel for everyone of you! Cause my husband is right there with everyone one of you taking Avandia ! If my husband had taken all the Avandia pill the dr. At VA hospital gave him he would be dead now! Thank God he’s still alive! But has no life! He’s not able to do anything, BUT a least we still have him with us and can still love his new grand lil girl! And his lil grand girl loves him! Thats all left in his life! He’s not able to even talk very much cause he cant breath, This all started back in March of 2007 when he died 3 times, he was paddled back to life three times, in the hosiptal 7 times! My husband was in a study at VA hospital called ACCORD,and the dr! Wouldnt do anything about him swelling, the dr thought he was getting fat, and told him to get on a diet! Then i went and tried to tell the dr. That my husband couldnt breath cause of swelling, but still wouldnt do anything , so after that all this happen to my husband and our family have been thur and still going thur all these problems! But thank God hes still alive! If he had taken all those avandias he would he dead now! Here’s how it all started pericardial window, on the heart didnt work, next was pericardial removal from around heart , pericardium,pericardial effusium,then next the fluid went to lungs then pleurodesis, was put on oxygen and now still on oxygen this has been since July 2007! Now still cant breath with the slightest move or cant walk is in wheel chair! Had 3 heart attack in 2007 now in 2013 had a heart attack in February had to put stent in still having problems no no no energy, feels very bad cause hes lost his life and his family has to do for him and the Avandia ATTORNEYS! Are a joke if u are waiting on a case from VA hospital or AVANDIA SETTLEMENT FROM THESE AVANDIA ATTORNEY GOOD LUCK, GOOD LUCK, CAUSE THEY GET THE MONIES AND THE PATIENCES GET THE SICKNESS! Plus the Avandia pays u on points what a joke! My husband was in hospital 7 times 10 to 11 days each time and the Avandia attorneys paid my husband for ONE TIME AND ONE DAY IN HOSPITAL, so we are talking about a man that served his country! And only had diabetics when all this happen and he got pocket changes and dr. Bills lots and lots of sickness also you have to pay a MDL payment, the lawyers suppose to pay 4 per cent and client pays 3 percent, well! My husband settlement, the lawyers charged my husband both parts and we’ve been trying to get it back but they say thats how it was suppose to be! But I have it in black and white in the contract so i read it to the secretary and been suppose to call no call plus they held back money for medical payments! We told her and garretson co. That it was suppose take a few months well! It’s been one year! Still cant get no answer about the money! The medical money and the MDL money together is all most as much money as we received! I dont have trust any of the attorneys or VA drs.

  8. Elizabeth

    My husband died from Avandia..He had an massive heart attack in November,2007.It has taken my daughter and i years to recover from this…..I lost our home,which I could not pay for anymore.Matter of fact we have lost everything ..I too am a diabetie …I have had heart problems and all too,But they say I don”t are can not claim because I lived in Michigan until 2005…Well I wish you all good luck in the process and I hope you guys reach a good settlement………

  9. Joyce

    I was wandering has anyone had a mini stroke and a heartattack while taken avandia and the lawyer said you could only claim one?

  10. Shelby R. Turner

    First time to this site, My husband took Avandia for about a year, and then he had what was called a widow maker heart attack, but he survived, and he had to have fluid drawn out of his lungs and a pacemaker/defibrillator put in his chest and open heart surgery, the Doctors at the Va said they couldn’t do the surgery because they did not have the surgeons, so he was sent to a Hospital across town, and the Drs, said there that the reports were that they needed to do a 5 way bypass, but when they opened his chest they found that half of his heart was dead the back half, they could only do a two way, and that the defibrillator would let us know if his heart stopped and would shock him back enough for me to get a rescue squad or to the hospital, he died and it neveer worked because the leads had been turned off, he was a Vietnam veteran and was in the Agent Orange and the government kept trying to denie that the agent orange caused anything, liars that they were are and always will be. Just like avandia was suppose too be a miracle drug, that was a lie also, the avandia did not help his diabetes, it just made him gain fluid, and took him from me and the children, and he never will see the grandbabies grow, and two of them he never got to see, I am sure he would love to have been around to see them, he was crazy over the ones he got to hold, and love. My Attorney is in Fairhope Alabama, they are Taylor LLP I email them and I get answers, they call me and are very nice and informative, the last time I talked to them was last month and they told me that my husbands file was in Pennsylvania it is one of the 500 that they sent that had all the information that was needed, and the attorneys for GSK will go over them and decide who has a case and then send a list back to Taylor LLP in Alabama and the amount for each one then the checks will be cut. She also said the points mean that so much will be deducted for smoking and illegal drugs, and points will be added for the number of times in the hospital, if there was a death more points will be added and that if there is a death then the amount will be more., good luck to everyone, and may God Bless each family that is hurting from a loss of a loved one, or if you are homebound and can;t do what you use to enjoy, I pray for you also.

  11. mel

    I called the lawyer yesterday. They told me that a letter was coming out in Sept or Oct of this year to let me know what GSK/Avandia was going to settle on. They had also told me in the past that each settlement would be different. Depends on what happened and how old you were at the time.

  12. James Burns

    My mother was on avandia for years she passed away last may 2010. I hired a lawyer on april 2011 ,i received a letter saying a proposed Settlement was being finalized.Last week i called the law firm and was told some medical records can not be found.I am in alost right now did i find the right firm, how can the lose important records like this .

  13. Mary Mickow

    My mother died of a massive heart attack after taking only nine pills of Avandia. Has anyone else had this experience

  14. Jackie Mitchell

    My husband was on this medication for diabetes and suffered congestive heart failure and a heart attack and died. I have been waiting on this settlement now for 4 years and I want all of what is due to me and my family for taking my husband away at such a young age.

  15. Jack Appel

    I keep geyying letters saying the case has been settled, but the firm now has to decide who gets what. When will this end?

  16. joseph martin

    i started taking avandia in november of 2001 i was 255 pounds and in great shape,i played golf over 50 softball bowled 3 nights a week.worked every day had a good job.never changed my diet or exercise and in may of 2002 i was at 368 pds thats 113 pounds in 6 months . one morning i couldnt get out of bed to go to work.i told my wife to call 911 and took me to the hospital because i couldnt breath while i was in the hospital for 22 days i had suffered a heart attack with severe edema now i am on total disability and will never golf bowl. or any other activities i liked to you can see avandia has ruined my life and my families.i dont know what my settlement is going to be but i hope it is enough to take care of my family in case something happens to me

  17. Jeannie Allen

    What bothers me is the fact that you can read all day about the “settlement” that the attorneys took on our behalf but when you call them they can tell you nothing. My husband took Avandia, given to him by the VA doctors, for type two diabetes, caused by Agent Orange. Less than three years after the VA stopped giving that drug, he died of heart failure. During the interum he had congestive heart failure, bad reports on his liver enzymes, and had to be put on insulin. Now, who is really to blame for his death, the people who made the Avandia or the VA for giving the veterans a bad drug? Whomever is to blame, I wish they could feel the grief I feel, the loneliness, and the pain. While no amount of money will bring my love back to me, I feel that they owe me at least something.

  18. Deborah A. Simpson

    I am a diabetic, who took Avandia years ago. It did control my blood sugar, but sometimes, it would lower it too much. I also gained a ton of weight, with no change in diet or exercise. I have never had a heart attack, but I am concerned if Avandia was the cause of a sudden illness in 2005, where I was hospitalized and off work for six months. I did not know if I would ever work again. The sudden illness caused me to have to start taking injections, which I am doing presently. My concern is what else has it caused and am I eligible to file a claim. Money does not take away the illness, but at least you can pay doctor bills and purchase medication………..

  19. rebecca c

    my better half was a new diabetic and right away was put on avandia.about a year later he suffered a heart attack. just a few months befor the heartattack he spent 3 days in the hospital with chest pain and was relased and told they found nothing and was ok to stay on currenet med avandia. he had no prior history of any medical troubles. at the time he was just about 40 years old. now he is very worried about what he is reading that the settlements are only going to be pennys on the dollor for life time of medical troubles, if thats the case whos the joke calling the shots in this misjustice anyway. they need to open there eyes these are real people with real medical troubles with familys who now have medical troubles because of avandia. who cares about g.s.k saving money. they need to pay up and take it like a man. what are we teaching medical companys if we make it easy on them. its ok to hurt people just pay a few bucks to make it go away.

  20. Ron Harris

    How can one put a price on a persons heart, liver, and body that has been destroyed by a greedy drug company and a crooked government? Should the FDA have to pay? Yes and if they think the drug is safe? They should have to take this killer drug and see how it feels to have congestive heart failure, liver issues, and multiple bone and joint fractures. If the FDA had to take every drug put on the market! There would be a lot less phoney drugs on the market! The government is as guilty as the drug makers who paid them off!

  21. zeek macal

    thanx Raul; I wonder what the settlement is going to be…

  22. Raul Rodriguez

    No Zeek I think this drug is nondiscriminatory :) but join the club

  23. zeek macal

    I have had 3 heart attacks while on this medication..There for a while I thought they were trying to get rid of us wetbacks by using avandia instead of just deporting us….oh well lucky to be alive…..

  24. Melissa

    I was 32 years old when I had my stroke. I had been taking Avandia for 8 years. I was on a high dosage. I hope we get a good settlement. I am worried now when I have to take meds due to this stroke I had at such a young age.

  25. Steven Landers

    I have had an avandia suit going since 2007. I had been taking Avandia for my diabetes
    and had experienced some luck in controling blood sugar and after awhile it would cause my sugars to go low and the next day it would be high. While on my job one morning I started having chest pain. I went to the truck and took two Asprin. I then blacked out and my helper tried to wake me but I was out. He drove to the highway and saw an ambulance. They took me to the Hospital having to use the paddles on me three times to keep me alive. I stayed in the hospitial thirty days after a quadruple by-pass having a pacemaker defibulator with a bad lead put in. Later the by pass that had been done came apart and I had to go through anothe operation to repair it. I have one vein clogged that is in the back of my heart that they tried to steint but the vein was to small
    so it is still clogged . I had to have the diapharm moved over my lung for the by-pass and on putting it back they paralized it so now at times I have a hard time breathing especially if I excert myself the slightest. I hope to recieve a settlement of a good size as this drug I have some of the side effects from plus it has taken a finacial hold on me and even with Insurance still owe some of the bills . You see I am now on Social Security Disability which doesnot pay all of my houshold bill and the medical bills.I had to refiance my home 3 times to pay off some of the bills that were left to pay after Insurance paid their part. You know this drug has ruint myu life. I feel they owe me quite alot. I havent been been on Vaction three years now because of my health,I had hoped with my job to purchase a bigger home and replace this matchbos 2 bedroom home with two small closets that hold very little. It has taken all of my hopes and Dreams away,that I could have had.the only hope is that I can recieve a good settlement to help me live a comfortable life.

  26. Jim kauffman

    you did not get this from me!!!!! Liz :-)

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