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Matthew Richmond is a researcher-reporter for FairWarning.

3 comments to “FDA Warns of Liver Damage from Weight Loss Pills”

  1. Machelle Stolt

    Weight loss supplements aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. They may be unsafe or sometimes detrimental to your health. My suggestion is to put your money into eating better food and working out more. Don’t go out and buy a lot of expensive health food before you decide on an exercise plan. Put your plan into motion and when you’ve stuck to the plan for a week, begin with the healthy eating. Avoid eating out and processed or canned foods. Build into a healthy lifestyle and way of life gradually. Doing too much at once can sometimes be a setback for us. I know you want to see instant results, but that’s not always possible.

  2. weight loss

    Apparently, those 12 people (out of 13 that suffered severe liver damage) living outside the US, had had other aggravating conditions. The pills may not be blamed.

  3. Karen Hardesty

    I used alli from 1/2008 til 11/2008 when I suffered severe liver damage. The doctors are trying to help me not have to have a liver transplant. If you have any more information please let me know. Thank you Karen Hardesty

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