Yesterday, the FDA launched what it calls a new educational outreach effort to encourage doctors and other healthcare providers to report misleading prescription drug promotion and provide them with an easy way to report this activity to the agency’s DDMAC, the Division of Drug Marketing, Advertising, and Communications, which issues warning letters for violations. The hope for the BadAd program is that drugmakers will toe the line and curtail promotional efforts that go too far. We spoke with Arnie Friede, a former FDA associate chief counsel and a former senior corporate counsel at Pfizer, about the program…

Pharmalot: Do you think the program is warranted?

Friede: From the FDA’s prepecrtive, we are see an ongoing and even increasing amount of correspondence from DDMAC, and I think they perceive the messsage they’ve been sending all along is not reaching everyone and continues to be a problem in the kinds of promotional communication being seen. And I think they’ve probably concluded that if there are problems in written materials, there are likely to be greater problems in face-to-face communications that are largely unscripted.

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