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2 comments to “Details of Safety Failures Emerge in Second Day of Gulf Oil Spill Hearing”

  1. Lawrence Baker

    Gulf Oil Spill-Positive Action Now! Stop The Flow.
    Positive immediate action must be taken today to stop the out of control spill of oil in the gulf. Assemble pile driving barges and begin lowering a pipe to surround the open pipe and seal it to the ocean floor. We need to stop the flow now! If the response to stop the leak from the surface were taken at the time of the incident it would have been stopped by now. Top Hat is temporary at best and the Junk Shot is very tenuous. Is this environmental chaos a terrorist attack? No more screwing around! It will take 83 sections of welded 60’ pipe and 80 valves to get to 5,000 feet in depth and as the pile is hammered into the sea floor it seals the end of the open pipe and the flow of oil is contained. Start Now! Today! Not a month from now. Dr. Chu, how can you possibly think things are looking up when the oil flow is unchecked and you have no positive plan to check it?

  2. JVMFan

    Seriously, these business men remind me of the jerks that swore nicotine was not addictive! Jane Velez-Mitchell will cover this story tonight–the RIGHT way–on “Issues” tv show.

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