4 comments to “Canning BPA”

  1. John Nutting

    You are utterly mistaken in your understanding of the threat to humans from the use of bisphenol-A, and a little research into the various regulatory bodies that have shown that BPA occurs at levels much, much lower than the recommended tolerable daily intakes would have revealed the fact. Check with the European Food Safety Authority. Humans also metabolise BPA which is why it appears in urine. If you really want something to worry about, take a look at the anti-oxidants being promoted as dietary supplements: they have molecular weights and structures very close to phenols such as BPA yet are consumed in massively higher volumes.

  2. Marian Henderson

    I appreciated your article I caught in the SF Chronicle on vacation recently. As a dental hygienist, I recently learned in a Continuing Education Class that “composit” plastic fillings also have BPA.

  3. Janine Wiedmer

    Thank you for this very insightful article on BPA. I was wondering, are the cans from
    Europe BPA free? I know, that Europe has in general tighter restrictions on chemicals.

    Thank you so much!

  4. hena

    why do you need to buy canned foods nowadays? he?

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