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Myron Levin is editor of FairWarning.

9 comments to “Old Trucks Leave Fiery Legacy, Smoldering Anger”

  1. Big Cat

    This is what is horrifying about corporations – the lack of conscience. Corporations are good at making money, but bad at what normal people are better at – doing the decent thing. Free markets may be efficient, but so were the Nazis. Markets and companies must be regulated in order to be decent.

  2. Kyran Vale

    I think what people lose sight of is that no matter what’s done, there is always going to be an inherent risk with an older car. That being said I still drive one and don’t have plans to stop :)

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  5. AEP

    Some older models of Chevy and GMC trucks had the gas tank behind the drivers seat (in the cab). Other International trucks had the gas tank underneath the cab floor. Model T’s had gas tanks mounted over the dash board. Here is the message to people who have not figured it out yet…old vehicles are not as safe as new vehicles! If you have an old truck…you might want to look at getting a newer one. That is all.

  6. harvey riendeau

    years ago a class action was taken- only rewards went to lawyer s who did not own this age of GM pickup ?

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