2 comments to “Squishy Stats Cloud Job Safety Advance”

  1. Joe Lark

    Not reporting Workplace injuries is rampant in California & was common place were I worked.
    My Crew was given Huge catered BBQs if they didn’t report any injuries in three months time.
    It was a bad policy, as it caused my employees to hide there injuries from me, because they didn’t want the peer pressure of being the one that blew’ the big BBQ for everyone.
    Often An employee would tell me that someone out there has a bad injury that’s getting infected because he won’t come to me & report it.
    I would find many injuries hidden from me, ah’ what a great plan management had.
    I was told to use my health insurance for my injury also.
    This employer has never been even cited for this , despite reporting it to the state.
    If that was an employee commiting fraud it would be followed up on, why not when employers do it? What’s good for the goose should be good for the gander also.
    This is a major business doing this.Tons of intimidation not to report workplace injuries or else.

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