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19 comments to “ATV Industry Straddles Safety Debate as Off-Road Deaths Mount”

  1. roger

    I’ve lived in the area my whole life. And I see negligent parents letting there kids ride off in the sunset alone. NOT TOO SMART. Don’t blame the quads. Blame ignorant parents. I’ve seen as young as 5-4 year Olds by themselves. Not paying attention as same as the nubile adult is even worse. I don’t ride only have twice. But love watching dumb people doing dumb things. And as far as the air. Sorry. It’s always been a paradise. Shouldn’t have bought house on the mesa. I’ve seen the air bad during the week with no one on the beach. That what sand dunes do… duh. Still the most beautiful place to live. PAY ATTENTION TO UP KIDS PARENTS. And don’t drive east. Always north and south.

  2. ShakeMyhead

    Okay, everyone needs to realize that everything is dangerous. Your water bottles have BPH in them, your chicken is pumped full of horomones, your tap water has lead in it…etc…

    This is a sport where people volunteer their hard earned money and time so that they can have a great time outdoors. They are willing to get on a motorcycle, they are able to get off. However, yes if you dont know how to ride you can hurt yourself. Yes someone can run into you. How did all of you get to work this morning? You could have been killed walking to your car.

    I will ride until I can’t. People who read these atricles are ignorant to every aspect of the sport.

    Good day

  3. MeganLynn

    i think these should be baned or laws should have extreme changes, my friend was just reacently in a four wheeler accident and he is in the ICU has been for two weeks he really is a miracle at first they gave him only 24 hours to live. but hes gonna make it he might be paralyzed from the waste down and will have brain damage. he wont be the same person i remember ever again. all because they just arent safe.

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  10. Julie

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  11. deKub

    In Germany, you can license ATVs for the road.

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  13. mike wilbur

    Jet Ski’s are also among the ” off road ” fun hidden injury machines. Rented to childern by vendors in tourest areas quadrupling the boating injury/death rate in Florida in the last ten years

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  15. Eric

    I have to say this, it doesn’t matter how “well trained” you may be – if you think these things can negotiate a “steep face” of anything you are an idiot:

    Meadows, an emergency medical technician and volunteer with the search and rescue unit of the San Luis Obispo Sheriff’s Department, was riding to help an injured rider when he tumbled down the steep face of a dune.

    “He was well-trained,” said Sgt. Mark Maki, Meadows’ supervisor, “and it still happened to him.”

  16. murphy0071

    In Oceano, CA emergency rooms are not only over extended on off road special days, but, the air quality is so bad as to be incomparable to acceptable federal levels. I can afford to live with air purifiers, others are on oxygen.

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