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A Filtered Look at a Tobacco Row

Michael Mann’s project about corporate power, the smoking wars and the ’60 Minutes’ controversy takes some creative liberties to tell its historical tale. PASCAGOULA, Miss. — When actor Russell Crowe, made into a dead ringer for tobacco whistle-blower Jeffrey Wigand, enters the courtroom, think of the air going out of a balloon. Paper airplanes are…

Tobacco Memos Show Overseas Price Fixing

Tobacco Memos Show Overseas Price Fixing Philip Morris and British-American Tobacco, the world’s two biggest tobacco companies, secretly joined forces to fix cigarette prices and divide markets in Argentina, Venezuela and other Latin American countries, according to internal documents that explicitly describe the deals and the involvement of some of the firms’ most senior executives….

Years of Immunity and Arrogance Up in Smoke

Tobacco companies face ‘death of a thousand paper cuts’ from 40 years’ worth of incriminating documents. Big Tobacco is known as a formidable legal adversary, skilled and even ruthless in the courtroom. Yet the industry is being slowly undone by its former secrets, having obligingly preserved piles of incriminating documents for its enemies to use….

Smoker Group’s Thick Wallet Raises Questions

Funding: Alliance amassed $45.9 million but very little from members’ dues, IRS reports show. Other records cite backing from tobacco firms. The country’s leading smokers’ rights group has built a fat war chest despite minimal support from the 3 million people it claims as members, according to public records and internal documents that suggest its…

Big Tobacco’s Dollars Douse Push for Fire-Safe Cigarettes

Lobbying: Firms bankroll experts, alliances with safety groups to resist product changes, papers show. Many people know that smoking is considered the nation’s leading preventable cause of death. But it is less widely known that cigarettes also are the leading cause of fatal fires, responsible for about a quarter of all U.S. fire deaths. Often,…