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Stuart Silverstein is assistant editor at FairWarning.

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Latino Workers Dying at Higher Rates in Job Accidents, Report Shows

Note to reader: See update at the bottom of the story. As Latino workers take on more and more of the nation’s toughest and dirtiest jobs, they increasingly are paying for it with their lives. Preliminary federal figures released last week showed that of the 4,405 U.S. workers killed on the job in 2013, 797 were Latinos. […]

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Safety of Home Elevators Under Investigation

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has launched an investigation of residential elevators and lifts, which the agency estimates were involved in 1,600 injuries during 2011 and 2012.

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Traffic Deaths: A Surprising Dimension of the Red State-Blue State Divide

Numbers don’t lie, as the saying goes, but it’s not always clear what they’re telling us. Consider a surprising dimension of the red state-blue state divide: Death rates from road crashes are strikingly higher in red states than in blue.

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Obama Administration Heeds Industry Call to Ease Rail Safety Rules

The Obama administration will scale back federal rail safety rules spurred by a Southern California train wreck in 2008 that killed 25 people and hurt 135 others. The administration will slash by 10,000 miles the amount of railroad track that needs to be covered by systems that can override human error and automatically put the brakes on trains about to collide or derail.

Criminal Probe Spotlights Tree Poisoning to Make Way for Billboards FairWarining Investigates

Criminal Probe Spotlights Tree Poisoning to Make Way for Billboards

As long as there have been billboards, trees have been getting in the way. And billboard companies have been removing them–sometimes legally, sometimes not. Now a rash of alleged tree poisonings in Florida have implicated a top billboard company and sparked a criminal investigation. But it turns out that rogue behavior by billboard operators is nothing new.

Aftermath of Chatsworth rail disaster, Sept. 12, 2008. (Kelly B. Huston) FairWarining Investigates

As Rail Tragedies Fade From Memory, Resistance to Safety Rule Gains Steam

Less than four years after a California train disaster spurred passage of major safety legislation, railroad companies are pushing hard to water down the law. They have won over key lawmakers in their bid to scale back and delay a system to prevent crashes such as the head-on collision that caused 25 deaths and 135 injuries in Chatsworth, Calif. The industry is bolstered by a political climate that is hostile to federal dictates. And as political currents have shifted and the issue has fallen out of the spotlight, the rule has fewer forceful advocates.

Despite Fire and Flooding, Officials Say Nuke Plants Are Safe

Mother Nature is wreaking havoc around nuclear sites in two states, but authorities dismiss any risk of a radiation release. In northern New Mexico, as the Associated Press reports, firefighters are battling a wildfire in the mountains above Los Alamos, home to the government nuclear laboratory that produced the first atomic bomb. As of this […]

Restaurants Slice Calories From the Menu to Get Out in Front of New Rules

Restaurant chains are scrambling to cook up lower-calorie recipes for some of their popular dishes as a result of pending federal regulation. The search for alternatives, the Los Angeles Times reports, is being spurred by rules the Food and Drug Administration is expected to issue by year-end. The rules, stemming from last year’s health care […]

Studies Yield Conflicting Signals About Environment’s Impact on Fertility

Pity the human sperm? By one new assessment, male fertility is holding up nicely. As The New York Times reports, Danish researchers have conducted an updated study showing that, despite ever-present environmental hazards, sperm counts remain steady. But that discovery has been clouded by a pair of worrisome reports about the widely used compound BPA, […]