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Myron Levin is editor of FairWarning.

Oak tree in front of Lamar Advertising sign that Florida agriculture officials said ''had signs of dying and chop marks near the base.''   An ex-worker for Lamar said he cut the tree and applied pesticide. Tests confirmed the presence of pesticide  (Florida Office of Agricultural Law Enforcement) FairWarining Reports

Top Billboard Company Won’t Be Charged in Tree-Poisoning Case

Billboard giant Lamar Advertising Co. will not face criminal charges, despite evidence that company workers in Tallahassee, Fla., over at least seven years secretly chopped down or poisoned trees to provide clearer views of its roadside signs.

Criminal Probe Spotlights Tree Poisoning to Make Way for Billboards

Criminal Probe Spotlights Tree Poisoning to Make Way for Billboards

As long as there have been billboards, trees have been getting in the way. And billboard companies have been removing them–sometimes legally, sometimes not. Now a rash of alleged tree poisonings in Florida have implicated a top billboard company and sparked a criminal investigation. But it turns out that rogue behavior by billboard operators is nothing new.

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U.S. Seeks to Limit Risks From Auto Infotainment

Automakers are engaged in an electronics arms race, packing their new models with cutting-edge technology that makes it easier for drivers to make phone calls, get directions and even check social media sites. Hoping to limit the risks of electronic multi-tasking, federal transportation officials Thursday unveiled a first-ever set of proposed safety guidelines for infotainment […]

A billboard in Sarasota, Fla.

Feds Leaving Cities, States in Dark on Billboard Safety

While battles flare in communities across the country over digital billboards, many state and local officials have hoped that a study launched by the Federal Highway Administration in 2007 would clarify key traffic safety issues. But the results of the politically sensitive research are long overdue, and still are a mystery. Records obtained by FairWarning suggest the reason why the study has remained under wraps: Experts say it was botched.

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Fireplace Makers Offer Safety Concession on Burn Risk

Bowing to mounting pressure from advocates for severely burned toddlers, gas fireplace manufacturers are moving to include protective screens with all of their products. The proposal is an effort by fireplace makers to blunt the threat of regulation by the federal Consumer Product Safety Commission. And it comes amid a string of lawsuits over burns […]

Wind farm near Palms Spring, Calif. (iStockphoto) FairWarining Reports

Wind Industry Accused of Blowing Off Worker Safety Rule

U.S. wind power is growing, with about 36,000 of the wind turbine towers installed and many more on the way. But for reasons they won’t explain, the manufacturers have failed to comply with a federal job safety standard.

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Industry Seeks to Stave Off Regulation Over Toddler Burns

Consumer groups and anguished parents are urging the Consumer Product Safety Commission to impose safety regulations to prevent severe burns to toddlers from the glass fronts of gas fireplaces, which get as hot as an oven on broil. But the fireplace industry, which up to now has policed itself, is resisting and pushing its own remedy.

Map by Emily Chow. FairWarining Reports

Federal Officials Issue Alert on Cancer-Causing Erionite

Federal health officials are calling for protective measures at job sites where workers may be exposed to erionite, a cancer-causing mineral similar to asbestos that is found in rock and soil in at least a dozen western states. An advisory published Tuesday by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health recommended a series of […]

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Georgia Court Restores Yamaha’s Perfect Record in Defending Rhino Cases

Yamaha Motors once again stands undefeated in court battles over injuries and deaths in crashes of its Rhino off-road vehicles. In a unanimous ruling, the Georgia Court of Appeals reversed a May, 2010 jury verdict favoring a rider who suffered a serious leg injury when his Rhino rolled over on top of him. Prior to […]


Peril in the West

After Three Decades, Officials Ponder Action on Cancer-Causing Erionite

Mesothelioma, an exceedingly lethal form of cancer, was once thought to be caused only by inhaling asbestos fibers. Then in the 1970s, when astonishing rates of mesothelioma devastated villages in central Turkey, erionite, a mineral even more dangerous than asbestos, was found to be the cause. In the U.S., the Turkish epidemic was portrayed as a distant catastrophe. This ignored a key fact: Erionite deposits are present in at least a dozen western U.S. states. Only now, with new development stirring up remote areas of the West, are officials starting to talk about how to deal with the issue.