Lilly Fowler

Lilly Fowler is assistant editor at FairWarning.

Brazilian Blowout Maker Sues, Claiming Formaldehyde Findings Were Wrong

The California company that makes the hair smoothing treatment known as Brazilian Blowout is getting into a legal tangle in Oregon. GIB, which makes the hair solution, has filed a lawsuit against Oregon’s Occupational Safety and Health Division, demanding that it stop stating  that the product contains unsafe levels of formaldehyde. The company claims that […]

Anti-Smoking Drug Chantix Tops List of Drugs Linked to Violence in New Study

A new study says a smoking cessation drug manufactured by the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer Inc. is the prescription medication most often linked in the U.S. to violent acts or violent thoughts toward others. The study, published Wednesday in the journal PLoS ONE , reviewed drugs most often linked to violent thoughts or actual violent acts, […]

Linda Ware with her granddaughter, two days before she committed suicide. FairWarining Investigates

With Pfizer, FDA Shunning Tests on Mentally Ill, Promise of Smoking Remedy Chantix Turns to Ashes for Some

Chantix, the Pfizer smoking cessation drug, has drawn a torrent of lawsuits over suicides and other alleged psychiatric effects. A review of the drug’s history raises serious questions about the way the FDA approved Chantix — in particular, how the agency let Pfizer exclude mentally ill subjects from clinical trials though a disproportionate number of them smoke.

Jaw Implants Backed by Flawed Research, Conflicts of Interest, Investigation Finds

Medical devices used to treat Americans with a serious jaw joint disorder were approved by the Food and Drug Administration despite weak and incomplete research and conflicts of interest, an investigation by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel found. Since 1999, the FDA has approved four joint replacement implants for people with TMJ, or temporomandibular joint disorder, a group of ailments affecting the joint connecting […]

A Small Silver Lining Amid Economic Woes as Gas Mileage Improves

Gas guzzlers were not popular among American consumers looking to buy 2009 vehicles, says a new report by the Environmental Protection Agency. Average fuel economy in 2009 model cars, vans, pickups and S.U.V.’s was 22.4 miles per gallon — an increase of 1.4 miles per gallon, or 7 percent– over new 2008 models, according to The New […]

Diabetes Drug Cited as Likely Cause of 500 Deaths in France

A diabetes and weight-loss drug used by millions in France may have killed at least 500 people, according to the country’s drug safety body. Mediator, made by French pharmaceutical company Servier, had been on the market since 1976 but was pulled last year after France’s drug safety body Afssaps said it did little for diabetes and might cause […]

“60 Minutes” Examines Natural Gas Drilling, New Crop of Rich Farmers

A controversial gas extraction technique that has galvanized protest by environmental and community groups has also created a happy band of supporters: farmers who’ve become rich by leasing their land. The investigative news magazine “60 Minutes” examined the way hydraulic fracturing, which involves breaking up shale to free natural gas, has turned farmers into instant […]

Amid a Wave of Lawsuits, Doctors Debate When to Prescribe Osteoporosis Drugs

With hundreds of people across the country charging that an osteoporosis drug led to jawbone ailments, doctors are in a heated debate about how to best treat thinning bones–a common malady of the elderly, particularly women. In lawsuits across the U.S. nearly 1,400 plaintiffs claim that Fosamax, a drug made by Merck, caused debilitating jawbone deterioration, according to The New York Times. The […]

Dialysis Care in the U.S. Fraught with Deadly Risks for Patients, Investigation Finds

If you’re among the nearly 400,000 Americans suffering from kidney failure and in need of dialysis, you might want to go for treatment outside the U.S. An investigation by Pro Publica has uncovered serious lapses in U.S. dialysis care. In fact, the country has one of the highest mortality rates for dialysis treatment in the industrialized world. Medicare covers […]

Experts Warn That Arctic Could Be Site of Next Oil Disaster

Before the BP oil spill fades from memory, experts are sounding alarms about the risk of the next big disaster occurring where cleanup could be far more difficult–the Arctic. The region may hold about one-fifth of the world’s untapped oil and gas reserves, according to a report by the U.S. Geological Survey. Canada, Denmark, Iceland, Norway, the […]