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Labor Department's 'Hot Goods' Case Charging Underpayment of Farmworkers Goes Up in Smoke FairWarining Reports

Labor Department’s ‘Hot Goods’ Case Charging Underpayment of Farmworkers Goes Up in Smoke

An attempted crackdown on wage and hour violations on two Oregon berry farms has ended in a retreat by the U.S. Labor Department, which dropped all charges against two growers it had accused of failing to pay the minimum wage to about 1,000 workers. The case has brought scrutiny to one of the Labor Department’s […]

Blueberry pickers at a farm in Hillsboro, Oregon. (Photo by Faith Cathcart/The Oregonian) FairWarining Investigates

Heat Rising Over ‘Hot Goods’

Growers Accused of Wage Violations Fight Labor Department's Tactic of Halting Farm Shipments

An attempted crackdown on minimum wage and child labor violations at berry farms in the Pacific Northwest has sparked a backlash that threatens one of the U.S. Labor Department’s most potent tools for enforcing protections for farm workers. At issue is the little-known “hot goods” provision of federal wage law. It allows the government to […]

Consumer Advocates Urge Banning ATVs From Roadways, Citing Crash Hazards FairWarining Reports

Consumer Advocates Urge Banning ATVs From Roadways, Citing Crash Hazards

A leading consumer group is warning that the increasing use of all-terrain vehicles on the nation’s roads poses a “growing public health crisis” and is calling for immediate action by U.S., state and local officials. “ATVs are not designed to be on roads,” said Rachel Weintraub, the Consumer Federation of America’s legislative director and the co-author […]

Despite High Death Toll, Push Is On To Open More Public Roads to ATVs FairWarining Investigates

Despite High Death Toll, Push Is On To Open More Public Roads to ATVs

Last Mother’s Day, Jaret Graham, 14, climbed on the back of an all-terrain vehicle driven by his 12-year-old cousin. As they sped down a paved stretch of country road in west Texas, the 12-year-old lost control, went into a ditch and fell off the vehicle, injuring his leg. Jaret was thrown off and hit his […]

A hog confinement farm in Missouri. (Socially Responsible Agriculture Project) FairWarining Investigates

As Factory Farms Spread, Government Efforts to Curb Threat From Livestock Waste Bog Down

Large livestock farms, which can generate as much waste as people in a large city, have been growing in size and number for the last 30 years. In many areas, they pose a serious threat to water supplies.

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Report Points to Cancer Risk From Chemicals Used to Treat Drinking Water

Chlorine is used to kill bacteria in drinking water, but with the unintended consequence of creating chemical byproducts that may raise the risk of cancer.

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California Lawmaker Seeks Federal Probe of New Tanning Industry Group

A California lawmaker is urging federal regulators to investigate a new tanning industry group he says is using “junk science” to mislead the public about the risks of sunbeds.

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New Tanning Industry Campaign to Dismiss Skin Cancer Threat Draws Fire from Doctors’ Group

A new campaign by the tanning industry to promote the safety of sunbed use has come under fierce attack from a national doctors group.

Stigma of 'Smokers' Disease' Stifles Fight Against No. 1 Killer, Lung Cancer FairWarining Investigates

Stigma of ‘Smokers’ Disease’ Stifles Fight Against No. 1 Killer, Lung Cancer

This year lung cancer will kill about 160,000 Americans—more than breast, colon and prostate cancers combined. Yet the government spends far less for research on lung cancer than for other common cancers, and corporate sponsors of cancer awareness campaigns have steered clear of the disease.

Researchers cited this vodka ad from Blender and OK! magazines as an example of ads that reach a disproportionate number of African American youths. FairWarining Reports

Compared to Other Youth, Young Blacks Awash in Alcohol Ads, Study Says

African American youth culture is steeped in alcohol. References to booze have long been rife in rap music, and Jay Z, Sean “P. Diddy” Combs and Ludacris are among the hip-hop luminaries who have promoted alcohol. Now, a new study puts some fresh data behind concerns about alcohol marketing to young blacks.