Smoking and Tobacco Industry

Legal Battles Smolder Six Decades After 'the Greatest Health Protection in Cigarette History'

Legal Battles Smolder Six Decades After ‘the Greatest Health Protection in Cigarette History’

It’s hard to think of anything more reckless than adding a deadly carcinogen to a product that already causes cancer — and then bragging about the health benefits. That’s what Lorillard Tobacco did 60 years ago when it introduced Kent cigarettes, whose patented “Micronite” filter contained a particularly virulent form of asbestos.

The Tobacco Problem in U.S. Trade

Should tobacco be like any other product in U.S. trade? The question bedeviled U.S. policymakers for decades, but it has now arisen again, with much controversy, in the context of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), the pending trade deal between the United States and eleven other countries. The White House has tried to finesse the issue, […]

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Obama Administration Attacked for Retreat on Tobacco in Trade Talks

Health advocates are blasting the Obama administration for watering down a proposal aimed at keeping the tobacco industry from exploiting trade agreements to fight tough anti-smoking rules.

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Protest by Tobacco State Politicians, Business Groups May Snuff Out Obama Administration Trade Move

Tobacco companies are using free trade agreements to challenge countries that adopt tough anti-smoking rules, charging them with violating treaty obligations.

Stubbing Out Cigarettes for Good

Perhaps no public official was as synonymous with the antismoking movement as C. Everett Koop, who died last Monday at age 96. Dr. Koop, who worked tirelessly to turn America into “a smoke-free society,” did not live to see that goal reached. But the rest of us have the power to make it happen. Fewer […]

Pack of Marlboro Menthol  in Australia. As of December 1, all cigarettes must be sold in plain packaging with graphic warnings covering 75 percent of the front and 90 percent of the back of the pack. (Canadian Cancer Society)

As Nations Try to Snuff Out Smoking, Cigarette Makers Use Trade Treaties to Fire Up Legal Challenges

As countries around the world ramp up their campaigns against smoking with tough marketing restrictions, the tobacco industry is fighting back by invoking international trade agreements to thwart the most stringent rules. The resulting battles raise broader concerns about trade provisions that enable foreign companies to challenge national health, labor and environmental standards.

Stigma of 'Smokers' Disease' Stifles Fight Against No. 1 Killer, Lung Cancer

Stigma of ‘Smokers’ Disease’ Stifles Fight Against No. 1 Killer, Lung Cancer

This year lung cancer will kill about 160,000 Americans—more than breast, colon and prostate cancers combined. Yet the government spends far less for research on lung cancer than for other common cancers, and corporate sponsors of cancer awareness campaigns have steered clear of the disease.

Teens Cut Drinking and Cigarettes, But Smoke More Pot

An annual survey has found that drinking and cigarette smoking among U.S. teenagers has fallen to the lowest levels in decades, but there also was some discouraging health news: More young people say they are using marijuana. The survey, conducted by University of Michigan researchers and known as the Monitoring the Future study, polls students […]

Smoking Bans in Brazil, Bulgaria Light Up Global Trend

From Bulgaria to Brazil, the push to ban smoking is firing up. As Agence France-Presse reports, the government of heavy-smoking Bulgaria is renewing its effort to prohibit puffing in all enclosed public places, including cafes, bars and restaurants. The government’s proposal, which would take effect June 1, would build on a 2005 ban that outlawed […]

Philip Morris Launches Legal Assault on Australia’s Latest Anti-Smoking Move

The battle by the tobacco industry to snuff out new cigarette packaging restrictions has moved to Australia. Industry giant Philip Morris announced today that it is suing to block newly passed laws that would make Australia the first nation to remove logos, colors and other marketing material from cigarette packs. Australia’s laws, as the United […]