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The aftermath of a 2014 motorcycle crash in San Francsico. iStock FairWarining Reports

In 2015, Motorcycle Crashes Helped Drive Highway Death Toll to Highest Level in Years

Last year was a bad one for motorcyclists, with a new estimate showing that 5,010 bikers were killed in crashes nationwide, the worst death toll in seven years. The apparent 10 percent increase in motorcycle fatalities, based on an analysis by the Governors Highway Safety Association, coincided with a projected rise of about 8 percent […]

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Drug Companies Pony Up in Illegal Marketing Cases, But Critics Wonder if Penalties are Enough

If you make truck deliveries in the overcrowded downtown streets of a big city, parking tickets might simply be a cost of doing business. For top drug companies, critics say, there’s an equivalent expense — the billions of dollars paid out to settle criminal and civil charges of illegal marketing practices, Medicaid overcharges and kickbacks. […]

Another Big Defeat for Johnson & Johnson in Talc-Ovarian Cancer Case FairWarining Reports

Another Big Defeat for Johnson & Johnson in Talc-Ovarian Cancer Case

Johnson & Johnson suffered a second straight legal defeat in defense of its signature talc products on Monday when it was ordered to pay $55 million in damages to a woman who blamed her ovarian cancer on the use of Johnson’s Baby Powder for feminine hygiene. After about 10 hours of deliberations, a state court […]

An IKEA-brand, MALM 3-drawer chest. FairWarining Reports

IKEA and U.S. Safety Agency in New Talks After Third Child Dies in Dresser Tip-Over

A toddler from Minnesota has become the third child to die after an IKEA dresser tipped over and fell on top of him. Now the home furnishings giant and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission have re-opened negotiations on how to address the hazard. Last July, after two similar deaths were reported, the agency endorsed […]

Darrell Whitman, former whistleblower investigator for the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration FairWarining Reports

Federal Agency That Protects Whistleblowers Accused of Retaliating Against One of its Own

For nearly five years, Darrell Whitman was a federal investigator who probed whistleblowers’ complaints about being fired or otherwise punished for exposing alleged corporate misconduct. He wanted to help whistleblowers, viewing them as a crucial line of defense against employers who violated health and safety standards or wasted taxpayer dollars. But now Whitman, 70, is […]

A billboard in Sarasota, Fla. (Scenic America) FairWarining Reports

Evidence Mounts of Distraction Risks from Digital Billboards Along Roadways

Digital billboards clearly catch the eye of passing motorists. But what is also increasingly clear is that such distractions can heighten safety risks in heavy traffic and other complex driving conditions, a long-time roadway researcher says. That conclusion by Jerry Wachtel, a traffic safety consultant and one-time Federal Highway Administration staffer, came from his recent […]

Worker exposed to silica dust while cutting concrete. (Getty Images) FairWarining Reports

After Long Delays, Feds Unveil Tougher Rules to Protect Workers From Silica Dust

After years of inaction, the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration today unveiled tougher standards, widely opposed by industry, to protect workers from exposure to silica dust. Commonly found in sand, concrete and stone, silica has long been recognized as a critical workplace hazard when pulverized into dust. Miners, stonecutters and other laborers who have […]

Gun show in Glendale, CA. (Eric Grigorian/Polaris) FairWarining Reports

California Leaps into Crossfire on Gun Control With Push for Firearm Research Center

*Note to reader: See update at the bottom of the story.* A new battlefront has emerged in the nation’s struggle over gun control: a proposed firearm violence research center at the University of California. In a move being closely watched by advocates on both sides, California lawmakers are pushing for the state to study gun […]

Kim Harley, a reproductive epidemiologist at the University of California-Berkeley FairWarining Reports

Study Links Cosmetics Use to Altered Body Chemistry

A new study released today suggests that consumers can quickly reduce the amount of hormone-disrupting chemicals in their bodies by switching personal care products. Researchers at the University of California-Berkeley asked 100 teenage girls in Salinas, Calif. to stop using their normal makeups, soaps and shampoos and instead use products free of common ingredients that […]

Dueling Labels Seek to Anoint Products Free of Toxic Chemicals FairWarining Reports

Dueling Labels Seek to Anoint Products Free of Toxic Chemicals

Internet entrepreneur and branding consultant Amy Ziff says she had to become a “weekend toxicologist” five years ago when she discovered her twins were allergic to diapers, baby wipes, creams and lotions. She found herself researching the ingredients of consumer products to see if they could give her children rashes or blotchy skin. The experience […]